ELE. Mesa

Inspired by the design & shape of an Elephant. This "Mesa" (table) is sturdy...yet, petite.


Can a bedside table be compact yet low enough to hold valuables? What about all those design magazines you've hoarded for two years?

Well, this trusty lil guy is your sturdy answer!

I stared long enough at an elephant in order to find a "mesa" out of it. 


Rigorous steps were taken to create this graceful, bedside pal.

  • pencil Sketch
  • 3d print replica
  • CNC maple plywood
  • Lamination
  • bath it in oil...let it shine!


Using the latest in CNC routers at columbia college chicago, i started with sketch up as a base to render a 3d maquette. 

Plugged my final sketches into Rhino and voila!

all 28 cut-outs and spacers were fitted together.


THe finishing touches involved teakwood oil for a nice shine that let the ply show off it's striations. AS a "lamination" furniture piece the use of plywood was a major design element i intended to boast.